The Collapse of Modern Culture

Urban Tribe

Urban Tribe is an alias of DJ Stingray which also includes members such as Anthony Shakir, Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr (Moodymann) and a few others. I mean that’s quite a lot of heavyweights under one name and the music definitely speaks to this.

The Collapse of Modern Culture is a timeless masterpiece. I guess it’s kind of underrated maybe due to it not being that accessible given that beyond YouTube it’s only available in physical form. I’m definitely going to buy this on vinyl at some point or maybe buy it to give someone as a present at some point. It’s such an incredible album and I feel like it would be such a good present to give someone.

It covers so many different subgenres from electronica, electro, deep house, downtempo, techno, breakbeat and so much more. It’s also quite unlike a lot of the music that members of the Urban Tribe otherwise have released which goes to show how versatile they all are. It’s mellow, atmospheric and sort of leaves me a bit speechless to be honest, I couldn’t recommend an album more. Here’s a link to have a listen.