The Serpentine Path

Jo Johnson

This isn’t really an album as such, but rather a long-form composition. It was released on Going In who are ‘dedicated to long-form musical compositions geared towards meditation, psychedelic ceremonies, yoga, massage, or simply spacing out and going inside yourself’.

It’s a beautiful piece spanning just over 35 minutes as it traverses through soft repeating sounds which allow your whole body to detach and let go. It slowly evolves pulling you deeper without any resistance, delicately carrying your mind in between the fluid textural landscape.

It’s like a gentle dream in which you’re fully at ease. I’m in love with this piece and I’m excited to listen to more releases on the label. I’ll leave some of the Bandcamp description for more info:

Outward pathways have long reflected inward ones. Pre-modern man followed well-worn animal tracks that later became pathways for pagan procession rituals, which later were co-opted by early Christianity. In the Middle Ages, it was the dream and destiny of many to seek pilgrimage via these pathways. When times of political turmoil upended one’s ability to travel, labyrinths laid on religious grounds provided a kind of solution: the path could still be walked, the many steps could be taken, even if this gesture was symbolic. The Serpentine Path, Jo Johnson’s release for Going In, uses this idea as its point of inspiration.