The Tunnel and the Clearing


The Tunnel and the Clearing is the latest album by Colleen, released towards the end of May on Thrill Jockey. It’s a beautiful album and it’s hard not to fall in love with all of Colleen’s work to be honest. She never fails to leave me speechless and her music contains so much depth that’s difficult to describe with words.

This album takes you on a journey, navigating through your own mind in an attempt to understand your emotions. There’s so much depth throughout each of the tracks which feel like a soundtrack for a novel. You can feel yourself following a character through their trials and tribulations from heartbreak, loneliness, hope and inquiry. Travelling through moments of tension and sadness the soft, echoing vocals help to guide you in the right direction through your own maze of emotion.

It’s such an immersive album and I couldn’t recommend anything more highly. If you want to learn more about the album and the story behind it I’d recommend checking out the Bandcamp description.