Fantastic Man

This is a release on Tokyo’s Mule Musiq which is so good. I can’t really find the words so I’ll leave the Bandcamp description: 

Comprising of nine tracks, Utopioid advances further into the realm of sci-fi influenced club and esoteric electronica - a vacation through an imaginary pleasure-dome by means of ambient house, airy dub, and at-times schizophrenic breakbeat.

Written in 2019 and 2020 across Berlin, the Carioca spheres of Rio, and his hometown of Melbourne, Utopioid expands and adapts Fantastic Man’s much loved musical techniques for long format. It’s a well-balanced and deeply crafted album and features a cameo by fellow Melbourne rising-star Memphis LK on ‘Mazes’, resurrects the spirit of the nineties ROMpler on ‘Forbidden Fiction’, and glides you through peak-acid euphoria with d’Oxygen’ and ‘Diaspora’.