Visions of the Past

Robert Leiner

Visions of the Past was released back in 1994 on R&S although it feels like it could’ve been released yesterday, it’s a timeless masterpiece and it feels like the score to a deep intense thriller.

From the opening track it plunges you into a surreal, mysterious world filled with wonder and secrecy. It has a lot of tribal rhythms and textures which give it a sense of tension whilst at the same time building up intrigue. You’re not sure where you’re going but you don’t want to stop, you’re hypnotised by the frequencies that encompass every edge of your brain. Each track opens up into a different world as you float through seamlessly as elements appear almost as quickly as they disappear.

Most tracks are fairly long so it’s hard not to feel enamoured by the slow build up in each of them. They feel expansive yet constrained forcing you to see things you could only ever dream of. The eeriness across some of the tracks keeps you engaged and the sweeping ambience allows your body to dissolve across space.

I can’t get over how good this album is, it makes my mind feel limitless and introspective. The layering of the rhythms world builds in a way that feels so personal, yet you feel a mutual understanding with those who feel the same. It’s nothing less than a masterpiece.

‘It has always been there, you just have to discover it’