Sam Harris

Waking Up

This subtitle of this book is ‘A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion’ which gives you a good idea of what it’s about. I’d imagine you’d be somewhat familiar with Sam Harris before picking up this book, and even if not it’s quite a nice introduction to his work.

Harris explores the world of spirituality, focusing on the illusion of the self, psychedelics and meditation. He also touches on his own experience and addresses common misconceptions about spirituality.

I’d been trying to create a consistent meditation habit for the past few years and only in the past year do I feel I’ve properly been able to establish one. This has basically been achieved through my use of the Waking Up app by Harris. So, after a while of using the app I thought I’d buy the book to explore some more of this world. I’d been interested in a lesson in particular on the app regarding the ‘Illusion of Free Will’, however it isn’t touched on in the book. The book focuses more on the ‘Illusion of the Self’ and Harris’ own meditation journey. He shares insights into in the way spirituality is perceived in society and how he formed his own view of what that should look like in a person’s life.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I think spirituality is an important part of everyone’s life whether you acknowledge it or not. Harris explains spirituality in a great way and will definitely make you ponder things that you may have not previously thought about.