When We Were Eating Unripe Pear

Bee Mask

I discovered Bee Mask through Donato Dozzy’s Plays Bee Mask which he created all from Bee Mask’s Vaporware. This album was my first introduction to his work and it’s quite the trip. I will leave a section of the Bandcamp description because it gives the story of this album from Madak himself.

The seven pieces on this LP were developed over a period of about five years; Rain in Coffee is built on a Hyperborean Trenchtown-era demo, while Pinq Drinq — sorrel, for the record, and neither guava nor antacid as certain wags have already ventured — was reanimated directly from the cutting room floor, eleventh hour twenty-twelve. As a whole, they should probably be considered the proper "sequel" to Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico, extending that record's preoccupation with the dream interiors of post-1965 Fellini and synthesizing (pun very much NOT intended) it with Elegy for Beach Friday's fascination with the lush and abject facets of advanced gastronomy and the embrace of the recursive, solipsistic, simultaneously expansive and claustrophobic universe of the sampler on Vaporware/Scanops.