This is another record I picked up a few weeks ago from Eastern Bloc. It was released back in 2010 on Honest Jon’s. You may know T++ or Torsten Pröfrock as one member of Monolake or from a number of his other aliases. This is his final release under the T++ alias and is a great finale indeed.

The record contains samples from two recordings of the singer and ndingidi-player Ssekinomu, made in East Africa at the end of the 1930s and in the mid-1940s. It feels somewhat experimental with sounds you’ve never heard before, yet at the same time it feels very familiar. Pröfrock reworks the samples elegantly into something that’s harsh but alluring with percussive sounds that could rock you out of your chair.

The rhythms filter through influences of jungle, drum & bass and garage with offbeats and basslines that make it more haunting and unpredictable. It feels like early dubstep combined with all these influences especially on tracks such as Anyi.

It’s tribal and gritty and there’s so much to love, I’d definitely recommend you check it out.