all she wants grows blue

Pablo’s Eye

all she wants grows blue is the fifth album released by Pablo’s Eye back in 1998 on swim ~. It is an album that was conceived as the ‘invisible soundtrack’ to an imagined film. You are both watching the film and a part of it.

Awash in your own mind and what’s in front of you, lights flickering as you cruise along in the night with a pit in your stomach. It’s difficult to determine the origin of these lingering feelings. An exile, a foreigner, fleshed accounts that blend metaphor, fable and myth.

Fixated with some kind of determination. You’re continuously dragged in, though you aren’t sure why you’re driving so fast, or why the road is so straight, or why this feeling inside of you won’t go away. You’re haunted by how calm you are, there is no tension, only ease. Repetition can be freedom.

Scenes emerge around you, as if they are memories you’ve never had. The melancholy is therapeutic, whirling around as your feelings settle. Moments pass by, but they just keep coming. Slow or fast, you don’t control the pace.

The inner monologue, the outer monologue, eventually they come to a resolve. What comes first? Thinking too much can only cause trouble.