infina ad nausea


infina ad nausea is the sophomore album from QRTR released on Dome of Doom at the end of August 2021. This was my first time properly listening to her work, having only listened to a remix of Daedelus’ ‘Fettle’ and a mix she produced for XLR8R in which she previewed a few tracks off this album.

It’s such a good record deviating through a range of different sounds and exploring the edges of emotive sequences. There’s a nice progression from start to finish as you traverse elements of happiness to heavier club-like tracks which develop into something immersive and slightly mysterious.

It’s as if you’re staring at yourself in the mirror but the reflection starts to become more abstract and you’re trying to work out what’s going on because you’re not looking at yourself anymore. The reflections wind into each other and you sort of become spellbound. There’s a more melancholic but hopeful sort of sound towards the end of the album accompanied by fast tempo breaks and drum and bass on tracks like ‘Ritual’ and ‘Lucid’.

There’s so many great tracks across this album, I’d highly recommend you have a listen. I’ll also leave some more information on the album to finish.

“infina ad nausea is a play on latin terms “ad infinitum” and “ad nauseum.” I was trying to create a phrase to describe growing sick of a false feeling of permanence, as though you're living in a never ending loop. I was steeping in the concept of “spiral” which is a theme I’ve been coming back to constantly in my art and life since 2011. I always felt as though I was living within a series of full circles overlapping on each other (creating the illusion of a spiral). I have a tattoo on my arm that I designed in an effort to visually express the idea. The concept of this album feels a little larger than life to me and difficult to describe and that is exactly what I was trying to encompass sonically. I arranged the track order in a way that felt like the act of spiraling internally (mentally and emotionally). It starts off bright and playful and becomes more frenzied until suddenly you’ve reached “the point” - which is ever moving and evolving and thus unreachable.”