♥ / lamb

soccer Committee

♥ / lamb is the latest release on Morc Records by the wonderful soccer Committee. It’s very gentle and intricate, immersing you deeply in a place you wish you’d found sooner.

The beauty of soccer Committee records are that they ease you in so softly, with a unique compassion and this album is no different. The minimal instrumentation allows you to take in each note as a deep breath, quietly inhaling and exhaling.

There is so much space yet you feel surrounded by a blanket of warmth. You may be alone, but there’s an ethereal presence that you can feel both in the distance and close to you. Your heart rate lowers as the sound slowly swirls like a long meditation. The vocals are dreamy but secure, as you feel your full self following at a pace that will never be too fast or too slow.

The B-side wanders further, as if you’re in a chapel with walls as high as the eyes can see. Sound echoes from each wall as you look up and down wondering where in the sky it’s coming from. Worrying is something you’ve left in the past as it’s been a long time since you’ve felt this calm. An ocean of silence that can exist both internally and externally.

The instrumentation weaves itself gently through the silence, as you sit on a hill in the countryside overlooking a landscape with no end. The horizon stares back at you, as you wonder whether it seeks to be closer?

It’s difficult to describe how beautiful this record is, the care and dedication to every note is something that’s so rare. I’m such a big fan of Mariska’s work and I’m sure you will be after listening to this record.

A quiet hum grows into a murmur,
liberated through surfaces and seams.
A morning in passing,
but that’s only when the wind ceases to blow.