rites to be forgotten


rites to be forgotten was released back in 2021 on near dark by chapel, who I think is now known as other islands.

Sat on top of the high rise, smoke merges with the falling smog. You get up and head down the endless flights of stairs. Lights flicker as the sparks illuminate corners of the building that have not seen eyes for decades.

The air is thick and your throat feels coarse. Is it the cigarette, or is it the air? Three coughs and you cover your face. Riding through dusk, trying to get away. The roads feel tense even without any cars.

Your bike chain rattles through the narrow streets. Hounded by a disengagement, there is no place you can really call home. Screams get swallowed by this city and this is something you know only too well. You stop and wait as the last glimmer of natural light falls below the horizon.

You smile as the armour of the world has once again fallen.