still slipping vol. 1

Joy Orbison

This is the latest release from Joy Orbison on XL. It’s a mixtape that feels so personal and warm and I’ve not stopped listening to it in the last week, it’s an absolute pleasure.

It has a range of amazing features which adds to its grace. It’s something that definitely eases the mind in one way or another, every track is just fucking great. It’s both introspective and lighthearted and there’s so many elements to fall in love with. It’s difficult for me to describe much more, you’re just going to have a listen yourself.

Here’s a bit more background on the album from Joy O himself:

i've been working on the idea of a mixtape for a while now. i'd never really wanted to make an album, but the way I've been making and listening to music has changed a lot over the last few years and it doesn't always make sense on a single or EP. i also had this realisation that I wish my records were better suited to soundtracking people's bus journeys but so far I've only really given you enough music to get half way up walworth road

i've made a point of making this record feel really human, light hearted and humorous in places too so that the weirder bits of the record don’t seem too wanky or self-indulgent. there’s so much electronic music that I love but I never really connected to the space age, distant land of whoever your graphic designer is presentation of it all - so hopefully this feels a bit more personal. there’s a load of voice notes from family members in there too, pretty much my only contact with them over lockdown. my dad recently showed me this extensive list he’d made of the amount of times we’d moved house growing up (my head count is 16 btw). he’s an engineer so a lot of my childhood was spent following the work. unsurprisingly that's led to me thinking about family & belonging as i’ve got older and how that relates to my music.

in my head this is a soul record but I'm not sure that's how people will hear it. the cover star is my amazing cousin Leighann who introduced me to jungle, d’n'b & uk garage at a young age. without her I wouldn’t be doing what I do today.