E.H. Gombrich

A Little History of the World

This title of this book is quite self explanatory. It covers the history of civilisation in an accessible and enjoyable way and is one of my favourite general history books.

I think I bought it because I just wanted to read a general history book and I’m so glad I found this one. It introduced me Gombrich and also led me to read The Story of Art which you should definitely check out.

It reminds of Sapiens for literally any age group. Gombrich is an incredible writer, probably the best writer I’ve ever come across. I think that’s due to his ability to simplify concepts in a way that makes it accessible to almost everyone. This book was also my first proper introduction to Napoleon and the French Revolution which then gave me the idea to tackle War and Peace, however who knows if I ever will.

I’d recommend it if you want an easy, enjoyable read on general history. It covers so much so even if you don’t enjoy history that much, I’m sure they’ll be something in here that resonates with you.