California Delta Blues

Marcel Sletten

This is the latest release on Primordial Void by the founder Marcel Sletten. It’s his second EP released on the label, the first of which I previously covered. It consists of six gorgeous tracks which take you on an expansive journey through folk, electronica and ambience. It feels like a continuation of his first EP with a few similar themes and sounds, envisioning California as a sort of spiritual and dream-like place. California Delta Blues however, explores more introspective and sensitive elements, such as death and religion.

The first half of the record starts out with similar drones heard in previous works, and then it slowly transforms into softer, more liminal dreamscapes. There’s sombre elements which feel melancholy, but at the same time hopeful, especially on tracks such as Consumnes River Hymm and Unloved, which are my favourites.

I’d highly recommend you take a listen, it will definitely ease your mind. I’d also recommend an in-depth interview I did with Marcel all about Primordial Void, as we covered topics such as background, sound and vision of the label.