Honest Labour

Space Afrika

Honest Labour is the latest album by Space Afrika, released on Dais Records at the end of August 2021. I’ve previously covered some of their other releases here and here.

I’m in love with all of Space Afrika’s work and this is no different. There’s so much across this album which combines elements from previous work and turns it into a mosaic of influences incorporating ambience, dialogue, thoughts, rhythm and texture. They have such a unique way of building together tracks which make it feel so personal and ethereal.

Honest Labour feels cloudy and fragmented, however this contributes to the way you piece together your own interpretation and feelings towards the album. It’s a sonic tapestry that’s hypnotic and cosmic. Some of the tracks such as ‘Lose You Beau’ feel in a similar realm to Burial’s Untrue and the melancholic introspection that comes along with it.

This is a masterpiece of an album and one that will never age. It induces emotions that you’re caused to face head on whether you like it or not. You fall outside your body leaving behind the things that connect you to the tangible world. It creates such a rich, organic universe that very few are exposed to, I really can’t praise this album enough, so in love!

“Ultimately this is an homage to U.K. energy, and an album about love and loss.”