Somewhere Decent To Live

Space Afrika

Another beautiful ambient release I’ve been listening to this month. This was my first introduction to Space Afrika and I think this was their first album, which was released on sferic out of Manchester, where I think the duo are from as well. It’s an ambient album but is so much more expansive, with a range of other influences which you can hear throughout, from jungle to dubstep to techno. The atmospheric tones are pure and gentle and takes you on an inward journey of the mind.  

I don’t see how you couldn’t enjoy this album, so I’d recommend you take a listen. Also, if you do like it then you’ll definitely be into other releases on the label such as Jake Muir’s Lady’s Mantle which I covered, and I also really love Irer Dent by Perila and Roméo Poirier’s Hotel Nota.