by Liero Plantir

This is going to be my final favourites post ever, I hope. I guess this is what people do, round out the year and all that. So, below are some of the things I enjoyed most about 2021, spanning across albums, mixes and books.

It was quite hard to pick to be fair and I think it’s going to be skewed towards the end of the year because looking back it’s hard to actually remember how much these things resonated with me at the time, it’s honestly quite odd to look at.


A wonderful year for music as it always is. Here are the albums that left me in awe.

Honest Labour
Space Afrika
Dean Blunt

Skee Mask
And Salford Falls Apart
SHILOH: Lost For Words
John Glacier
Siren Spine Sysex
Proc Fiskal


Mixes have definitely been my backbone this year, accompanying me through every part of my life. So many different journeys and directions within this set of mixes. A good mix will change your life!

Animix Forty One: Gi Gi

A three-hour pilgrimage across something deep and contemplative. A selection that seamlessly blends the eternal element of music into a place where time ceases to exist. Best experienced alone to traverse the corners of what’s upstairs.

fabric presents Overmono

Overmono are just sort of built different. This mix personifies their year.
Objekt All Night @ Nowadays

I don’t even know what to say, it sort of speaks for itself. Probably the longest set I’ve listened to non-stop. Everything just flows and each segment weaves itself together like it was always meant to be. So much love.

irini - lost in dreams

Production mixes really are on another level and irini’s three-hour journey is full of sounds that will literally turn you inside out. So beautiful!
045: Loom

My favourite mix that I produced this year. Never fails to put me in a better mood.


Looking back on it I didn’t read that many amazing books in 2021, however these three books probably had the biggest impact on me this year. They were so good that I might have to re-read them again in the future. Although Ocean of Sound is probably not as enjoyable if you don't have too much of an interest in music, I think they’d be of value in any person’s life.

The Beginning of Infinity
David Deutsch
Anam Cara
John O’Donohue
Ocean of Sound
David Toop