by Liero Plantir

I thought I’d round out the year because I guess it’s quite a nice thing to reflect on. These are some of my favourite things I enjoyed in the year including albums, books, mixes, music videos and some other blogs/writing that I love a lot.


All the albums I reviewed this year I loved, but these are my three favourites. I can’t get over how good they are!

strategy of two heavens
the fertile crescent

So in love with everything Susu Laroche and oxhy do, both separately and together. By far the best album that was released this year.

It’s a Big Man Ting
Florence Sinclair

✨ From a surface level desire, to a selfless reflection. An album which transcends everything. ✨

YS & Alex Bienstock

Poetic logic in chaos. Forget about ‘pedigree, money, laborious ambition, or skill - the only things that matter are ideas, attitude, seduction, compulsive will and unfettered energy.’


These are the my two favourite books I read this year. A beautiful intimate portrait of everyday life and an insightful critique of our attempts to make the world more legible.

Seeing Like a State
James C. Scott

In 2021 mixes were the backbone to my year, however in 2022 radio has accompanied me the whole way. These are some of my favourite mixes/radio episodes I did in the year.
Artist Focus
Jimmy Campbell

I enjoyed making this, I guess intention is the way forward.

Input 002

Dark and gritty. 

Seeing white blood cells again

Guitars and glittery ambience ✨


So many amazing videos that have stuck with me all year. These are my four favourites.

YS & Alex Bienstock

There’s just something about this video that I find comforting, something that I can’t explain. The track is also one of the best ever. I feel so immersed in the unreality of it. It’s just those types of weird clips that make me feel some type of way, maybe it’s better to not know why.

Way Out
Rainy Miller ft. Blackhaine & Moseley

Obsessed. No one does it like Rainy Miller.

Money anthem
Florence Sinclair

The best!


DG, in a lane of their own❗️


The Evening Party

This is one of my favourite blogs, I love the intimacy of the writing and poems, maybe even better that it’s anonymous.


I’ve been loving Brenda’s column in 032c. Great interviews with great people.

I’ll close out with my favourite track this year which was Neptunes's Next from Little Wings’ ‘Last’, which was reissued this year on Primordial Void. It’s been comforting through what has been a weird year for me.

Wishing you all the best for 2023. 💫